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Monday, 16 May 2016

Juventus Chief says no to Morata offers from PL clubs

    Juventus general director Giuseppe Marotta has issued a big warning to al the clubs who are ready to bid for Morata that the striker is willing to stay with the Italian champions beyond this summer and has issued a hands-off warning on Morata. The Spanish striker was the target of many clubs including Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd, reports IBT Times.

Giuseppe Marotta said:

"Keeping Morata at the club is an important objective for us, but what happens at the Champions League final may have much to do with his future. We'll do all we can to fulfil his wishes to stay in Turin, where he feels he is at a club that is perfect for his career development,

"Morata's future doesn't solely depend on Juventus despite our desire for him to remain here, but the outcome of the conversations with Real Madrid will dictate his future."

      Alvaro Morata was moe inclined to a move to Man Utd after his recent comments on his respect and love for Mourinho, who si expected to be announced as the manager of Man Utd on June 1st. Giuseppe Marotta is determined to keep hold of him as he looks at Morata -Dybala partnership as the future of the Italian club.

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